{let's color the weekend}

Greetings folks! It's the weekend and boy am I glad! My birthday celebrations are continuing and I'm already thinking about my hubby's birthday. So much in December! What are you all up to this weekend?

This week's happenings:
1. Anthropologie catalogs = love
2. Beautiful cupcakes are extra yummy
3. A palette fit for a queen
4. Extravaganza in cream
5. Kate Spade? Yes we love Kate Spade.
6. A palette built from Kate Spade scratch
7. I love paper flowers

Fun links for the weekend:
1. My handcrafted cards and stationery shop is having a sale!
2. Benign Objects is giving away a free calendar and it ends tonight at midnight
3. I love these cake prints
4. I adore film and I can't wait until this gal gets some

{image credit: Flickr}


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