Palette #3: Christmas Home

Decorating my home for Christmas is so much fun! I have always loved the natural, rustic feel in my home when it comes to Christmas. So when I got married and my husband and I bought our first tree, it was decked out with wicker balls. This year will be no different, but as always, I make additions. With the burgundy and gold glass ornaments & wicker balls on string from last year, I'm adding rustic bells this year with a new set of ornaments. One downside: we haven't got our tree yet. My hubby has been home sick for two days already, and I'm hardly the kind of gal who can lug a tree on her own. So I'm waiting...patiently...for Saturday. I can't wait to put my wicker star on top of it. It's the most gorgeous thing! It looks fairly close to this one.

But besides the tree, I have vases filled with curly gold branches and red bows, a mistletoe branch hanging on our front door decked out in cranberries and pinecones. Candles sit amidst pinecones, wicker balls, ribbons, and cranberries. The stockings for the fireplace are on their way, for I have yet to find the perfect ones.

How did you decorate for Christmas this year?

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