2011 Begins in Sunriver

Happy Monday! How was everybody's New Year weekend?

This New Year I headed on down to Sunriver again {same plans as last year} with five couples {that includes me and the hubby} and a set of lovely single ladies. Saw some pretty amazing views, which led to me really appreciating the land I live on. Washington and Oregon are simply beautiful! 

Kae & Alla look ecstatic to finally have arrived to all the snow! And my sister Tanya {way in the background} looks even more excited...

Too cute of a snowman family to not take pictures with. My husband and I jumped at the chance.

We also decided to get our classroom school pictures taken...

Kae was everywhere with her camera...and I mean everywhere! And yes, I like my feet.

Daniel found a ginormous icicle {who knows where} and the boys decided to have some healthy fun.

We girls thought something else was more fun to do {The Young Victoria is one of my most favorite movies}...

I totally loved all the color I found in the sports stores in the Sunriver Village. It's a bit of a random set of pictures to post, but I just had to.

So that was a small glimpse into our trip. We spent a few days eating good cooking, engaged in wonderful fellowship and prayer, playing a load of board games, throwing snowballs, taking snowy walks, and just enjoying being around our good friends. Praise God for such times!


  1. what a fun trip with good friends and happy couples. i spent new years eve day with my fiancées grandparents and then headed to his brothers house for a little get together to ring in the new year! it was very mellow this year and we didn't even watch the new years ball drop because we were busy watching surfing videos, go figure. happy new year!


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