{let's color the weekend}

I'm off a snowy trip this weekend for the New Year! Can't wait to bundle up and have a snowball fight!

This week's happenings:
1. I love Christmas with the family
2. Wall stickers are oh so charming
3. My top ten wedding photographers of the year!
4. Winter looks heavenly in Japan
5. I'm planning on being cozy in a woodsy cabin this weekend
6. And I'm also planning on having buckets of fun

Fun links for the weekend:
1. Daniel Usenko came back from Brazil and his pictures are AMAZING
2. Please take my 2010 year-end survey on my Anastasia Marie blog. There's a giveaway attached!
3. An awesome giveaway on A Beautiful Mess
4. A custom banner giveaway? Yes please!

{image via Flickr}

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